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10 Useful Apps You Can Use To Learn Foreign Languages ​​Without Paying Any Fee

Learning to think in English is a tremendous feeling. The borders of your native language are completely disappearing. The whole world is becoming an enormous field. So, if learning English is so important, how can we learn it in the most practical and appropriate way?

I have compiled useful applications, YouTube channels, and sites for you below, which I use to improve my English at no cost, and I have become so familiar with them that I even forgot to use some of them.

If there are different applications and sites that you use while learning English or a different language and that you find useful, please write them in the comments.

By the way, there are also mobile applications, but I did not mention them in this article. Here are the ones I use or recommend purely on the computer.

Let’s begin 

1. Language Learning With YouTube

With this Chrome extension, which turns YouTube directly into an English learning platform, you can add subtitles in the language and number of your choice and listen to the pronunciation of the words.

Language Learning with Youtube BETA

2. Language Learning With Netflix

With this add-on, you can add subtitles in the language you want to every content you watch on Netflix, stop and look at the meaning of the word you want, and listen to its pronunciation.

Language Reactor

3- BBC Learning English

After answering the placement test on the site, you can watch English lesson videos such as in the classroom. If you become a free member, your progress is recorded and you can finally get an online certificate.

BBC Learning English – Course: lower intermediate / Unit 1

4. engVid: Learn English

You can watch the lesson you want to learn at the level and subject you want from the videos of the teacher you want on this YouTube channel, where 11 channels that teach English are combined.

engVid: Learn English

5. Clever Bot

For those of you who want to practice, it’s a bot where you can speak English whenever you want, as much as you want.


6. Voscreen

This application, which you can use on the phone, tablet, or even smart TV, shows you some scenes from popular movies and TV series and asks you to find the right translation.

Voscreen – life itself

7. OpenCulture

A great site where you can access free educational videos in 48 languages.

Learn 48 Languages ​​Online for Free: Spanish, Chinese, English & More

8. Open Learn

It is enough to become a member of this site to receive free education in many languages ​​from English to Chinese. You can also access free training on many subjects other than foreign languages.


9. How to Write an Essay

With this completely free site, you can get training on how to write academic articles.

How to Write an Essay

10. Business English Pod – Learn Business English

A YouTube channel where you can learn business English in every field from human resources to technology from the beginner level.

Business English Pod

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