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Finding Your Way: Why Being Skilled Isn’t Enough?

Hello friends! Today, I want to share my experiences as someone who often feels lost in the escape of figuring out which direction to take in life. Maybe you are experiencing a similar feeling, and I thought it would be nice to have a chat about it.

We have many talents and skills, but why do we still not know where to go? This is a situation I frequently find myself in. For example, I’ve been interested in recording podcasts, doing voiceovers for commercials, writing, and even creating vlogs. But deciding which path to pursue was driving me crazy. Why? Because each of them brings me happiness and adds something valuable to my life.

Perhaps you, like me, think, “Would it have been better if I chose the other path?” But what I’ve come to understand is that having so many options can sometimes make decision-making challenging. Maybe that’s why we can’t seem to find our own path.

Another thing I often experienced in this process was the fear of failure. Deciding on a path, moving forward in that direction takes time and effort. And what if, later on, I realize I made the wrong choice? What if I fail? I thought about that a lot. But choosing something is taking a step on that path, and that requires courage.

Thinking about my future self was also challenging for me. Imagining where I want to be in five years was genuinely difficult. But now I understand that setting these goals, making an effort to achieve them, is crucial. And that motivates me.

The variety of career and lifestyle examples we see on social media and in the people around us also influences us. We can’t help but think, “Should I be doing that too?” But now I understand that other people’s paths are not necessarily mine. I need to find the path that will make me happy.

Unfortunately, this feeling of being lost is not a temporary situation. But what I’m trying to understand is that identifying the underlying reasons for these feelings and then deciding to take a step forward leads to discovering a meaningful path.

If you are also experiencing these complex feelings, don’t worry. Staying in uncertainty for a long time can be challenging. Indecision and the feeling of uncertainty can lead to constant disappointment; I know that. But all these stages are part of a learning process.

Perhaps you are also facing a lack of motivation due to staying in this state. When you don’t have clear goals, it’s easy to procrastinate and just stay in one place. Setting goals and working towards them is indeed a challenging process.

And what about the fear of wasting time and missing opportunities? Yes, I’ve experienced anxiety about that too. Each new opportunity, every shiny object, was pushing me towards more indecision. But now I understand that not every opportunity is suitable for me. In fact, focusing on my own path is more valuable.

Feeling stagnant in my career or personal life was inevitable for me. Standing in the same place for too long leads to a lack of growth and missed opportunities. But now I know that these periods of stagnation were steps leading me to the next phase.

So, what should you do? Here are a few suggestions based on my own experiences:

1️⃣ Reflect on Your Values: Think about the things you truly care about. You can keep a journal, go for long walks, or have intimate conversations with friends. Understanding your core values and motivations can help you choose a direction. For instance, originality and creativity are crucial for me.

2️⃣ Experiment: Don’t just think; try different things. Enroll in a course, go on a trip, participate in volunteer work. Experiential learning is priceless.

3️⃣ Informative Interviews: Talk to professionals in careers or lifestyles that interest you. Learning from their experiences can be inspiring.

4️⃣ Eliminate Inappropriate Paths: It’s normal to like everything, but sometimes eliminating certain things is essential. You can eliminate options that don’t align with your values, personality, or preferences.

5️⃣ Find a Mentor: Finding someone who has achieved what you aspire to can be invaluable. Having a mentor to guide you can make the decision-making process much easier.

6️⃣ Start with Small Steps: You don’t have to set a big goal right away. Setting small goals and achievements that motivate you can help build confidence.

In this process, I’ve come to understand that everyone has their own pace and path. Finding your path may take time, but the insights you gain during this process are truly valuable.

In conclusion, maybe I haven’t completely found my own path right now, but more importantly, this process has developed me in many ways. Remember, every step, every experience takes you one step further. Give yourself time, be brave, and take a step to find your own path.

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