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How to Learn English While Vlogging

You are watching the first video of my dream, which I have been planning for a long time, but never realized.

What will you watch in this my first English video?

  1. How to improve my English
  2. How and why I decided this

How to improve my English

There are many ways to learn English. You know this too. But I recently read a good article about why we can learn English quickly.

A foreign language is learned by reading, writing, listening and speaking. I’ve been reading and listening to it all the time. But I hardly ever wrote or spoke.

In all of these videos, I will write what I will tell first. Then I will tell you what I wrote and my thoughts.

I will always make mistakes in the beginning. I will not cut my mistakes from these videos. You will watch them all. I hope that when I watch this video months after my first video, I will say, “Oh my God, how did I make these mistakes?”

How and why I decided this

I just said it. I want to improve my English. I want to talk to a native English speaker enough to be able to discuss and exchange ideas on a specific subject. In short, I want to speak English like my native language which is Turkish. For this, I believe that I need to talk constantly.

I planned these videos all the time, but I never started recording them. I kept procrastinating and waiting to be ready. But as I waited, the right time never came. In this process, I constantly researched and read while accumulating knowledge. During these readings, I’ve read dozens of articles that say don’t expect to be perfect. I said enough is enough. I set up my camera and pressed the record button.

In this way, I will be able to translate my articles written on my Turkish blog into English and share them with the whole world. I will also be able to convert these blog posts into vlogs and transfer them to you on youtube.

And finally, I will get closer to my goal of improving my English step by step.

So now a homework for you. Go to my blog at and decide which article you want to watch in English from there. Let me not push you too hard. Let me offer two options.

“5 Simple Habits to Make Your Morning More Productive” or “3 Easiest Ways to Be Disciplined in Life?”

Waiting for your answers in the comments.

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